How do I access data in /storage from an experiment's script?

I have an experiment that runs a python script. I used a Jupyter notebook to upload data (presumably to /storage ?)
How do I access this data from my python script. Is it mounted to every experiment as /storage ?
How do I make sure I have uploaded the data properly?
Any help would be much appreciated – this seems like a very straightforward requirement, I simply cannot find the answer on the documentation, even after hours or searching.
thank you!

@noisyneuron Sorry for the confusion! When you upload data within Jupyter, you’ll want to make sure you’re inside the /storage directory otherwise it will not be available from an Experiment. If you uploaded it already, you can easily move the data into /storage from within Jupyter (you can do this from the UI or terminal in Juypyter). Also, make sure you are in the same storage region eg GCP West vs PS US East etc.

Once the data is uploaded to /storage, any Experiment you run will have access to that data. The path will be the same eg if the directory that you uploaded is called mydata, it would be available under /storage/mydata.

Hi @Daniel , thanks for the quick response. I am not sure how to ensure that my Jupyter notebook and experiment run from the same storage region. I am on the free tier, so I would assume I only have access to one region - PS West Coast … ?

I have a couple of notebooks setup – I uploaded to /storage using notebook A, but when I look at /storage through notebook B, I don’t see my files. I have triple checked my paths, and through the terminal on Jupyter I can see my files in /storage while using notebook A.

Is there a way to do this without using a notebook? I installed the gradient CLI, but I can’t seem to get it to ls /storage . It takes a few minutes for a notebook to spin up each time. I am on the free tier currently just to test things out, before paying for a plan / resources – but have not managed to cross this seemingly simple hurdle yet :confused:
thanks for your help!