How can I load and use Image files from a different directory into my notebook?

Hello I am somewhat new to Paperspace. In the past I have used the notebook and I noticed I could use fast ai’s Path() to access my image folders and import them into my current notebook.
I am now using the pytorch notebook but feel I’m really struggling with accessing those images.
I have a separate directory named asl and that directory contains two labelled folders that have my training images in them. I can not get the Path function to work and I’m not sure what function I should use to access the path to my image directory so I can load those images into the data loader for preprocessing and then training. Help would be appreciated , thank you!

Hi @sifty there is a persistent storage directory automatically mounted to /storage in your notebook. You can store and access anything in that directory from any of your notebooks. Hope that helps!

Hello Daniel, my Pytorch 1.8 notebook does not appear to have /storage. Is there a way for me to set that up.
And if I do have it, what code or function do I need to take images from that directory and use that in my notebook?

The /storage folder is not shown because the notebook is stored within it. This means that instead of having to go into /storage, any files that you upload within the notebook will be stored within it.