Help with incoming connections

Hi everyone

I have a core machine on advanced 1 on hourly, with a dedicated IP. I use it to run an Nginx RTMP server, which then pulls the video stream into OBS to be broadcast.

For a few days, it worked fine. Then suddenly the connection kept dropping from my camera which streams TO the RTMP server, in the beginning, I assumed it was the 4G connection, but then it did the same on wifi, and going through my old method it was working fine, in all these places where we had the connection dropping.

So naturally, I contacted support, who changed host on the machine. Then we move to today, where yet again it was running perfectly, FOR 30 MINUTES, at which point the connection kept getting dropped again, thus having to resort back to my janky method, meanwhile having to pay for uptime, as once I’m outside I can’t control the server from my devices.

So my question is, has anyone got any idea why it’s doing this, is it a saturation of the server’s internet connection from having so many instances running on it, or a windows setting (i doubt it as it works fine for a while then drops).

I’m at a loss for what to do, id like to change provider at this stage, but nobody else offers the service I’m looking for or the price of paper space.

Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated, as at the moment support seem to just do the same thing no matter what the problem is.