Happy with service but


I’m happy I found paperspace but the “storage fee” is a real sticking point for me. I wish you could offer a solution that allowed me to spin up and test other machines without paying the “storage fee” every time.

Example, I’m currently running some deep learning scripts. My “ML in a box / m4000 machine” is almost 2x as fast as the second one I spun up. I’d like to delete and re-create my second machine to see if that helps but I don’t want to get hit with the “storage fee” again.

I also spun up P5000 and P6000 machines and found they were no faster on my code than the m4000. So that is another $14 in “storage fee” I have to pay just for testing.

I’m going to stay with paperspace and keep 2 m4000 machines, I like your service and ease of use, I just wish there were a way to not get hit for 7 bucks every time I want to try a new machine instance. This takes trial and error sometimes.

Thank you


Sorry this should have been placed in the “general paperspace” category. My apologies


Hey Eric! Thanks for posting. Just wanted to let you know that our storage pricing when it comes to hourly machines takes the fact that you may want to create and delete machines frequently into consideration, which is why it gets prorated!
When you create a machine you’re billed the monthly storage fee, and then your account is credited a prorated amount based on when it was created. Same goes for deleting an hourly machine – your account gets credit back a prorated amount based on the remaining number of days.
Here’s a handy help center article that goes into detail.

Also as a suggestion, you can also take a Snapshot of a machine in a given state, run your tests, and then revert back to that Snapshot on the same machine as many times as you like, so that you don’t have to start with a fresh machine each time if that makes sense with your workflow.


Hello Lorraine, thank you for responding. I do see what I was missing. I didn’t see any credits on my credit card for “pro-rating.” But I see on the document the credit should show up in the second months billing. I’ll check it next month. Thanks again!


No problem! To clarify, the credit goes to your Paperspace account, would apply to your Paperspace invoice or the creation of a new machine (whichever happens first).