Games that work (and also those that don't)

I’m hoping a wiki will be created for something like this in the future, but just so I can help other folks that might be in the same boat as me, here’s my list of games that I’ve tried that works (on a Mac via Parsec):

Mortal Kombat X (only when I use my Xbox 360 controller)

Doesn’t work:

Street Fighter V (Will not launch - says starting in Steam, then quits. I’ve tried most of the solutions offered for this issue on Steam’s forum for SFV)

We can do some testing on our own but definitely let us know if you come up with a solution. A wiki with supported games/workarounds for common issues is a great idea! In the meantime, the Parsec Discord may be a good place to debug SFV.

Thanks for the support! It seems from the Steam forums that SFV is a very poorly written game with many issues, one of them being the very strict requirements for it to run/pass the anti-cheat checks. I can’t say I’m sure, but I think it isn’t launching because of the conflicts between these anti-cheat checks that are built into the game and the requirements of a Paperspace cloud VM. But, if anyone has gotten it to work, that would be great as I bought the game before realizing these problems.