Game Controller Driver Issues

Can see at using the new Eltima Stub software integrated into Paperspace VMs it should be as easy as “enabling” USB Forwarding and then “install driver”, let PS VM restart and then simply select usb device from list to start “sharing” that device but …

… when trying to “share” a Xbox One Controller Eltima software can not install appropriate Xinput capable drivers so i never get a working controller using the native software to do this built into my PS VM.

Any suggestions for how to get Eltima software behaving like expected for forwarding USB xbox one controller?

Can confirm controller works with BT and with USB like expected on local windows 10 PC being used to run PS windows app to manage and run PS VM as well as have made sure no other apps like Steam or anything else that could be wanting to use controller on local PC is running.

Can appreciate Xbox controllers are plug and play in a physical windows 10 machine and xbox accessories app from ms store gets used to manage firmware updates etc but PS VMs are really running windows server 2019 and dont know enough about Eltima software or window server OS limitations to fix the obvious driver issues myself.

EDIT: Nvidia SHIELD Controller v1.04 works ootb plug and play

Ahh, yes, windows can be quite painful when dealing with Xinput.

Could you try using ScpVBus? easy to follow instructions as well as download can be found here. It provides an alternative way to install drivers created by nefarius, he’s done excellent work centred on game controllers.


Thanks for the suggestion AyushRawat but ScpVBus did not help.

Eltima Stub is forwarding two xbox type controllers; one xbox one controller and one Nvidia SHIELD Controller v1.04, both using USB.

Since original post was made Nvidia have updated firmware version on SHIELD controller which makes it behave differently in windows as all the axis are messed up where left trigger acts as x rotation and right trigger acts as y rotation (usualy triggers act as z axis) as seen by Game Controller Settings GUI

so i rely on Steam Input to define layout which makes it behave like expected in Steam games and other Steam Input configs

But Xbox One controller never gets installed like expected into Paperspace VM, even after trying the suggestion of ScpVBus. There is not any problem usb or controller devices listed in Device Manager.

The xbox one controller works like expected on local windows 10 pc with usb before trying to pass through to Paperspace VM. But does not work at all in Paperspace VM. The light in Xbox button goes out after trying to pass through to Paperspace VM.

I’ll have a go at passing through a bluetooth adapter to try bluetooth mode instead of usb for xbone controller, unless there are other suggestions for providing the appropriate drivers for usb mode.