Error when create a notebook using pytorch--No such file or directory



I try to create a notebook with the pytorch environment, but the status shows “error”. It shows:
"gave up retrying docker run for job js04fjq7huqhkn. error: Error response from daemon: error while mounting volume ‘/var/lib/docker/volumes/js04fjq7huqhkn-jobspace/_data’: failed to mount local volume: mount :/export/sjq610fc:/var/lib/docker/volumes/js04fjq7huqhkn-jobspace/_data, data: v4.2,addr= no such file or directory"

I don’t know what does it mean. I just create a notebook. Can anyone provide some suggestions about how to analyse or solve this problem? Thanks a lot.


@yu_Chang Can you send in a support ticket with your notebook ID nxxxxxx and we should be able to get this squared away for you.