Dowloading files from gradient to a mac?


I have a lot of data in /storage and I’d like to put it somewhere without having to keep paying to keep a GPU running.

How can I download my files from gradient?

(I’m on a Mac)


@afriedman412 This works pretty well: It adds a button which will automatically zip and download a folder. Make sure you’re in the folder you want to download or it will download the root :slight_smile: FYI I don’t think this extension works in Jupyter Lab but I’m sure there are other extensions for Lab.

btw, you don’t need to keep the GPU running to keep your files around. If you need to edit them, you can fire up a low-end C3 CPU instance which is less than two cents an hour.


thanks dude – I’m getting a 404 though

either way good to know I don’t get charged for persistent storage. I was not sure!