Connection timeout for any port used to connect to server hosted on Paperspace machine


Hello everyone - I recently purchased a Core machine in Central America and the specs are:

RAM: 30 GB
CPUs: 8
HDD: 50 GB
GPU: Quadro M4000 (GPU+)
OS: Windows Server 2019

I tried running a Minecraft server on here, but when I tried to connect to it, the connecting would time out. The port is also not detected open by ‘’‘’’’. I added an inbound and outbound rule in the firewall settings to allow the port specific to the Minecraft server. I know normally you would buy a Minecraft hosting plan or run it on a personal computer that you already have, but my organization lets me have these machines for free, so I might as well use them where I can. Is there any port forwarding that I can do (probably not allowed)? Thanks for all your help in advance.


Hey @UrAverageNerd you just need to assign a public IP address and you’ll be all set!