Can Not Make Windows Mouse Cursor Visible

Using Shield Controller (2017), MS 700 wireless KB + m connected to SATV (2015) running parsec to stream paperspace Quadro P5000 VM.

Shield tablet is used as remote control for VM by accessing paperspace console and website from browser.

Makes a bad job of trying to show this but does illustrate how right stick on controller mapped as mouse using Steam Input s global desktop binding moves windows mouse cursor independently from the visible android virtual mouse cursor.

Have seen scenarios where games show two mouse cursors, one windows custom mouse cursor and the black android virtual mouse cursor whilst game is unusable due to weird input issues.

Ctrl + b helps out in games as it switches off the android virtual mouse cursor.

I would really like to be able to see windows mouse cursor on windows desktop so that i can use the Steam Input desktop bindings that being applied but can not use because there is no visible mouse cursor.

Have tried switching on numpad as mouse in ease of access settings but this does not seem to be making windows mouse cursor visible like what is described at

Any help in getting windows mouse cursor to be visible in windows desktop would be appreciated, so thanks in advance.

Since I can not reproduce expected behaviour in making windows mouse cursor visible and after demonstrating why this is a game breaking bug or paperspace VM deficiency, not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request!

Hi @Balderick,

As this is an issue while streaming with Parsec it’s probably best to head over to the Parsec Support or forums and see if they have any suggestions. If you do find an answer, we would love a follow up here.



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Opened discussion at

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How To Make Windows Mouse Cursor Visible

In paperspace p5000 vm I found upgrading quadro drivers too latest available from nvidia website
by following

and installing GFE while also allowing experimental features will update GFE to latest beta

This allowed me to setup Gamestream to my shield devices for remote streaming from PS VM in cloud. This means I can quit Parsec.

Need to use mstsc.exe to stream windows desktop to setup controller properly, due to Steam client and Steam Input bugs which breaks all the “supported” gamestream shortcuts!

Fixes all the mouse issues when using android devices because Gamestream does not force virtual android mouse cursor into windows desktop unnecessarily. It uses windows mouse cursor as much as possible and shield devices have a pretty cool overlay for bringing up android virtual mouse, osk and other streamer settings.


Steam Link App using In Home Streaming as streamer app works even better than Parsec, Gamestream or GFN on Shield for me on SATV.



I’ve just installed PaperSpace client and I can’t find the mouse cursor. Did any one get this bug resolved?