Can I host a code server on Paperspace?

Hi, I just wanted to ask, if I can host the openvscode-server by gitpod on paperspace deployments? Or is it not allowed?
Thank you

Hey, could you tell us more about your use case and why you think deployments are the best place to host this?

@salmanyamin199 There’s no reason why this shouldn’t work – you can host practically any app using Deployments as long as it’s set up correctly. Let us know if you run into any issues!

Okay so, my PC is far too low-spec to run a python IDE with intellisense and suggestions and also, completions. And I am not just that comfortable with the jupyter IDE. So you know, I could write the code in the code server and try them out with GPU in the notebooks. Now, I tried it on heroku, but there’s only 512 mb of ram which is not enough for the required extensions to function properly. But 2gb memory of deployments will be enough

@Daniel i know that this will work, but I was wondering if it had any conflict with terms of service and other things. So what i meant was is it ‘legal’ to host it on deployments?

Got it, there is no issue with our terms of service or acceptable use policy which generally just prohibit illegal activity and things like crypto mining. Go ahead!

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wait, now I can’t seem to deploy this. After I deploy with my specs, it gets stuck in the offline status. So I thought it may be a problem with my spec or container image. So I deleted that deployment and then tried to deploy with the default spec in the Web UI of deployment specs. No luck, same result. It stays stuck in offline status and the api endpoint url returns a 404. Is paperspace deployments currently down or something?
thank you

Okay my friend is having the same problem. Are deployments disabled?