Can cloud based AI speed up the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine?

I am by no means knowledgeable about science, biotech or cloud/AI.
Some years ago, someone made a game where the players had to fold proteins in order to create something in real life, I think it was a medicine.
If ALL of the world’s idle or available cloud based AI was fed all the science needed about Corona, could that be used to speed up the process of creating a vaccine?
Sometimes these things change over time and the vaccines becomes useless.
What if the world created a platform for super fast scientific calculations to solve a specific problem?

@Maverick There are many drug companies using AI for drug discovery/synthesis and many of them use the cloud to run large computations but this is all private/proprietary work (to my knowledge). Developing a drug requires more than finding the right ingredients – testing/FDA approval, supply chain, distribution, etc. to name a few. For better or for worse, pharma companies patent their discoveries which funds these go-to-market activities. Engaging in crowdsourced/public drug discovery would require a restructuring of this process eg who would be permitted to manufacture and/or sell the drug? Another piece that needs to be solved is who pays for the compute? I’m all for it – just needs some thought. From a technology perspective, some sort of protocol to run and coordinate these large scale simulations needs to be developed. SETI @home was recently just shut down :frowning: but that doesn’t mean this is not viable.

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“Engaging in crowdsourced/public drug discovery would require a restructuring of this process.”
Let us then consider how that process can be restructured, if anything, for the future of medicine.
The only big money concerns I see is the testing. There is tons of private and public grant/fund money that can be attracted to such a cause.
I bet there are many who would pitch in for a crowd funded non-profit effort to produce brand new generic drugs, sold at a super low price.
Imagine a brand new great medicine sold directly to the consumer at a near manufacturing price.
Maybe there’s even a way to get some algorithms into video games, so that when the players do something, it results in an action inside the development platform, maybe like a procedurally evolving game that presents new and new challenges. Kill that boss and we can fold that protein. - It’s being done for SARS.

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[email protected] is doing really well right now :slight_smile:

Yeah, with 400.000 users. I tried to use my Mac, but I rejected the software.