Bizarre issues with mouse, Emulate USB Mouse not working (Kerbal Space Program, and on the desktop)

I’m using the Linux native client, Win 10 Advanced VM. In Kerbal Space Program, the mouse specifically doesn’t work when trying to use right/middle dragging operations. Middle mouse dragging works in other applications, and middle mouse clicking works inside the game. I’ve read some things that vaguely point to that behavior being due to a driver issue connecting to KSP. I’ve tried a few things, but the one that looks most promising, ‘Emulate USB Mouse’, makes the mouse unable to click on anything when activated. The cursor moves, but clicking no longer works anywhere. The ‘Relative mouse movement’ and ‘VM controls mouse’ options have no effect on the problem, same with all the hotkey options.

I also haven’t gotten a reply to the request to activate the GPU instances to test there, I could use one of those.