Best Tools to Accelerate your VDI Project


Ninite ( Freemium )
Ninite - Is a good tool to fast deploy common applications, like java, winscp, irfanview, FileZilla and much more. This app install many softwares with silent install.

Google Backup and Sync ( Freemium )

Google backup and Sync is a good way to fast copy the old desktop files from local pc to PaperSpace Desktop.

CloudBerry Drive ( Commercial )
CloudBerry Drive add a Volume Letter from a Cloud Storage, you can use in many desktops and share the same Volume without a VPN !
For example im using Digital Ocean Spaces, and configured the CloudBery Drive to mount my 500 Gb Spaces as a local drive. The prices of Digital Ocean is very good and cheap.
This software is not open, its arround US$ 43,00

StarWind RAMDISK ( Free )
Ramdisk have a lot of speed, if you need to run a Software that need disk i/o you can use a ephemeral ramdisk to server its files and speed up the software. Like Firebird applications or Paradox Applications.
So, dont forget to create a Sync/Backup routine because RAMDISK simply desappear if you shutdown/restart the machine.

VirtualHere ( Commercial )
Virtualhere is a good system to share USB between Machines its uses “Bonjour Service” to find USB Host Servers, to work beetween machines you will need a VPN, take a look the next tip. The license price is ok. Its never been easy to share USB Device between PaperSpace Machines/users. Your users can share USB/Tokens certificates.

SoftEther VPN ( Free )
You can run your own VPN Server on VDI Machine and connect many PaperSpace Desktops across your own VPNs without ‘PaperSpace Team’ subscription. Works both with Iphone and Android VPN Clients.

Like ? Add your softwares here for VDI.

Cristian from MGD Tecnologia