Best GPU for machine learning

Whats the best GPU that Paperspace has for ML? How does the price/speed equation work out- does twice the price buy twice the speed?
Are the Paperspace machines the best choice for ML? Or are there other GPUs that are more suitable for ML?


These are very subjective questions.

I don’t think you can quantify price to speed necessarily. For example the P5000 at $0.78/hr has twice the GPU power at 16GB then a P4000 at 8GB for $0.51.

Please see our list of VM machine types here and our Gradient machine types here.

Paperspace software is meant to simplify to the process of ML. We’ve built software such as one click jupyter notebooks, Job Runner and Persistent Storage across Paperspace products. We’re currently using NVIDIA GPUs which are industry standard and leaders in the field.