Bandwidth for the End User


Hi, I’m a newbie to cloud desktops and was wondering if anyone could advise on the kind of bandwidths required for minimum and optimal use of Paperspace?

I am on an 11mbit ADSL connection at home and seem to get a decent connection, although the resolution of my desktop isn’t huge (my tests last night were on a low-end Windows 10 tablet). I have a far better connection at work which I would love to use but need to build an argument for utilising the bandwidth before approach the IT team to unblock access to the websockets.

Thank you everyone for your help.

Kind regards


Hey Matt,

Bandwidth consumption ranges a bit depending on a few things eg resolution, number of displays being streamed, content in the VM (video vs less dynamic content) etc. Generally, a few Mbps average should work though you may see spikes up to 15-20Mbps. These spikes typically only last a few seconds so it shouldn’t impose a burden on your office network more so than other activity like syncing Dropbox files, streaming videos, downloading large files etc.


Hi Daniel,
That’s great thank you. I’m hoping I have enough to persuade IT to unblock the websocket now.

Kind regards