Bad Gateway when trying to download job artifacts

Hi there!

I very recently run into problems when I try to download artifacts via gradient (CLI + Python API). It appears that the job client encounters a “Bad Gateway” response from the repository. Could that be a configuration problem or is there some change in the API? It is possible to download the artifacts manually on the job-detail page.

It would be great if someone could help! Find some details below.

What I did:
python: artifact = jobs_client.artifacts_get(job_id=MY_JOBID)
CLI: gradient jobs artifacts get --id MY_JOBID

Extracts from what I got:

/gradient/api_sdk/clients/ in artifacts_get(self, job_id)
341 “”"
342 repository = self.build_repository(GetJobArtifacts)
→ 343 data = repository.get(jobId=job_id)
344 return data

ResourceFetchingError: Failed to fetch data | 502: Bad gateway

Hey, I’ve checked this a bit further. When this particular issue happens, we’d need to check the notebook log, can you attach that here? Maybe we can find the error. In the meantime, I’m also trying to check with our engineers.

It turns out that we were experiencing an issue yesterday that may have caused this issue. Artifacts currently work on V1 notebooks/jobs, you should be able to try again now, and it should work.

Thanks! Yes, it’s working again.

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