Autodesk Flame on CentOS


I need to get Autodesk Flame up and running.
However, Flame needs to run on CentOS, not windows.

Should I setup a new Windows machine and then install Centos?

Thanks in advance


Hi @Brian_Rossney Great question. The way to do this is for us to offer a CentOS template but we currently only offer Ubuntu. It’s odd that Autodesk doesn’t offer more Linux options – Ubuntu/Debian is a much more popular distro. I can see about adding CentOS but since we rarely see requests for it, I don’t know if we’ll be able to offer it.


Hi @Daniel ,
I’m also looking to try Flame, Flare and Burn on Paperspace! Not too confident it would run/run smoothly as Flame requires a DKU from Autodesk for CentOS, not sure how it would talk to a VM, but its definitely worth a look!
I’d love to see a CentOS template anyway as our entire studio runs on it! Any chance of that happening in 2020? I’m sure the VFX/Post customers would love to see it.