3D Cloud Gaming?


Looks like NVIDIA has been pushing toward cloud based technology for gaming. I’m not sure what native resolution OnLive is using (it scales to fit whatever resolution you use) but it sure isn’t 1920x1080. There’s no way current internet speeds in the USA will be able to handle full HD in 3D.

But current internet speeds are about to get squashed, going from 5-10 megabits to 1000. Will that be enough to send 1920x1080 for two eyes? What about 3 HD screens in 3D? What about that 4K thing? Google fiber is fast and clever compression schemes can help a ton but that’s a massive ton of data to push.Even if it is enough, is there much chance that the client programs will be designed to take the S3D image pairs and turn them into something 3D Vision or a 3D TV understands?

Please help

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